Man sues gym because washing

Man sues gym because washing

Munich (archive ) – Fiese sham ! Due to an incorrect advertising promise Rolf H. has trained nearly seven months every day at the gym for a six pack. And just to finally have to notice that so ever can not wash laundry. The 32 -year-old Munich is now demanding a reimbursement of membership fees and the cost of protein drinks and pain and suffering. The unemployed Mediengestalter is outraged:’ I still had no idea how to wash laundry. That has always been my mother. And then I’ve seen on a billboard advertising the my gym for a six pack. I never thought that I sometimes am one of those who fall for such tricks.’

Still not clean: Sport Socks For when the young man after months of hard training finally wanted to reap the fruits of his labors, a bitter disappointment awaited him:’ For hours I have rubbed in the shower my sport socks on my stomach. Brought it

has nothing, even though I have used plenty of detergent.’ First, H. had assumed the fault lie with him and the socks should be washed at 60 degrees. So he asked the shower extra hot and socks further rubbed against his stomach. The result:. Abrasions, burns first and second degree and still dirty socks

Now Rolf H. wants to sue the fitness chain to a total of 5639.30 euros. This amount relates to the previously paid 139.30 euros in membership fees, 500 euros for protein drinks and -shakes and 5,000 euros in damages for the burns on his stomach.

The fact that he does not know if he really gets the money, Rolf H. agrees very sad:’ I would love to drown my sorrows in alcohol. But where can I get now on the fly as a really nice six-pack from?’

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