Sigmar Gabriel closes grand coalition for 2017, because it is the CDU and CSU to left

Sigmar Gabriel closes grand coalition for 2017, because it is the CDU and CSU to left

Berlin – So now read it: Sigmar Gabriel has granted a continuation of the grand coalition after the elections in 2017 a rebuff. The SPD chairman, who had noticed in recent months by special hardness against Greece, tireless promote the FTA TTIP and demands for more’ patriotic self’ and a sense of home, the Union parties are now to the left. ‘ with watered- consensus parties like the CDU and CSU, we can not work together in the long term’, said Gabriel in Berlin today.’Clear. With the Union, we can now enforce some SPD core issues such as data retention, TTIP, fracking, public-private partnerships and perhaps even the expulsion of Greece from the EU, but that’s about it with the intersections.’

The question of whether his party in his assessment of the situation agree with him at all, Gabriel answered combative.’ From so’ nem Sozenkram as grassroots democracy, I do not think much. I’ll hardly do so because I constantly have to write opinion articles for the Bild newspaper or meet with Pegida – people.’

Who is to replace in the future CDU and CSU as a possible coalition partner of the SPD, is not yet clear.’ Anyway, in no case these green eco Fritzen’, drowned the SPD chairman. Conceivable, however was a coalition with the AFD (‘ Now that this left – green filthy Lucke got rid’ ), the Republicans or’ alliance C Christians for Germany’.

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