Angela Merkel hopes that YouTube radiates her LeFloid interview to Prime Time

Angela Merkel hopes that YouTube radiates her LeFloid interview to Prime Time

Berlin – Today can be Angela Merkel of YouTube star LeFloid not interview last to signal the young generation that politics takes them seriously and understands. Now the Chancellor is already looking forward to the appearance of the conversation. She hopes that as many first-time voters get to see on YouTube the interview for so-called prime time ( 20:15 clock ). Until now, however, the broadcast date has not yet been in relevant magazines as’ TV Movie’ or’ TV Spielfilm’ listed.

‘ Also the YouTube Director, which the Chancellor has personally contacted by e-mail under has not yet announced any exact time’, explains a spokesman for the Chancellery. However, Merkel was confident that the conversation will be broadcast to a good airtime. They promise to audience ratings in the upper double-digit range and was optimistic that the smallest possible number of young people’ zap’.

Should the interview, however, be broadcast at a less favorable time on YouTube, the Chancellor hope at least that more young voters turn at one of the repetitions in the afternoon program or shortly before Sendeschluss, the Chancellery.

Merkel was pleased anyway much that she finally gets the chance to talk about’ hot youth issues’ as Jojo, knickerbockers, the current hit parade or Tamagotchi’.

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