Parents disappointed by the friend of her son, for he must always keep cigarettes

Parents disappointed by the friend of her son, for he must always keep cigarettes

Bocholt – Since you can only shake my head: The parents of 15 -year-old Niklas E. of North Rhine-Westphalia are bitterly disappointed by the best friend of her son. For now almost one year her offspring have to take every day the cigarettes his buddy back home, so this does not get caught by his parents. Niklas himself would’ never smoke in life’ by his own admission want. Nevertheless, the 15 -year-old often smells strongly of smoke, because he spends time with his buddy. Since the two sitting side by side, according to Niklas at school and talk a lot, the smell of smoke even comes out of his mouth.

So Niklas’ put parents in front of his buddy Peter Marlboro.’ At first we were shocked because we thought that our Niklas would smoke’, Mrs E. recalls Who had found the cigarette – box several months ago by accident when searching the bag of her son between studies – porn magazines for sex education.’ But then Niklas has thankfully cleared up everything.’

She is proud that her son, unlike his friend towards his parents always telling the truth. That she and her husband Niklas have never met’ buddy, the 47 -year-old is not surprising.’ I suppose he is ashamed of his troubled life looking just too much.’ Gradually they think but whether’ this Peter Marlboro’ ever is the right approach for their son.

latest started since Peter, drinking alcohol and Niklas therefore always smells of brandy, the two have made ​​, in with Peters parents the near future to discuss a serious word about their inefficient parenting style.

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