Overall winner of the Tour de France automatically receives doping ban for life

Overall winner of the Tour de France automatically receives doping ban for life

Paris (archive ) – As the International Cycling Union ( UCI ) announced that this year’s overall winner of the Tour de France to be then locked for the rest of his career for doping. Also on the second and third place waiting a sensitive barrier. The voltage remains received emphasizes the UCI. Finally, we do not know which driver will lock at the end for how long. The Association responded with this spectacular decision that should also apply to all future tours, on an interview of former cycling professionals Lance Armstrong, the opposite of the French newspaper Le Monde said without doping the tour itself will not let win.

instead award ceremony, there’s a lifetime ban’ Now that we know that the winner is already always doped, we can get down to business right at the finish line. Anything else would be incredible, “said UCI spokesman BenoĆ®t Mathieu.’ Therefore, the overall winner as soon as it rolls on 26 July in Paris over the finish line, dragged under the boos of the audience immediately from the saddle and locked by the Association for the rest of his life for doping. The runner-up will receive a ten -year ban, the third party for five years.’

In addition, there will be additional barriers for certain services. So beats any stage, during which a driver may wear a special jersey, with a four -month ban to book the same goes for the red back number.

Antidoping experts consider the strategy to punish cyclists always immediately when a race win, even for the only realistic way to long-term effective drying the doping swamp and completely without laboratories and doping controls.

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