German Bank provides on ATMs with double – or – nothing feature

German Bank provides on ATMs with double - or - nothing feature

Frankfurt (archive ) – Rien ne va plus ! The German bank announced today in Germany to load their ATMs with a’ double – or – nothing’ function. Customers who want to withdraw money, so that in future have the option at no additional cost to double the amount entered by a train on the lever before the disbursement or to completely lose. The aim of this innovation is there, according to a spokesman of Deutsche Bank, the poor image that enjoy investment – banker for private customers supplement,’We want to give also to ordinary citizens what it is for a thrill when you can gamble again with their savings every day.’

The accusation that the new’ double – or – nothing’ function in six out of ten cases, the bank favors and thus risk-tolerant clients could quickly ruinous, can the German bank roll off per se. Their spokesman said:’ It will work. What else can offer bank returns of up to 100 percent?’

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