AfG: Bernd Lucke founds new party in Greece

AfG: Bernd Lucke founds new party in Greece

Athens – After the devastating defeat at AFD Party weekend party founder Bernd Lucke has already new plans. The 53 -year-old has withdrawn with immediate effect from the AFD and traveled to Greece, where he wants to start a new euro -critical party. Lucke pays off in Athens much better chances of convincing the citizens of a future without the euro. Even today, Monday, the Euro-skeptics want to start work in Hellas.’ The alternative for Greece is to all those who have a home that are no longer satisfied with the euro policy and want a return to the D – magnetic to the drachma’ explains the German economist who is betting that his over 4000 organized in the wake-up call in 2015 AFD members will follow to Greece.

The logo of the new Greek party’ Climate for a euro exit is in Greece just a lot cheaper than in Germany. This is also true for the weather in general,’says Lucke on.’ And if the Greeks rejoice over something, then determined on clever professors from Germany, who will tell you where to go.’

Even Hans-Olaf Henkel will be back on the field again.’ I already learn Greek’, as the former BDI boss and future AfG -General.’ Ena Suflaki parakallo klania. That is as much as a good day, I think.’

After a worry likely Lucke and Henkel with the party founding in Greece be going: that AFG is infiltrated by right is considered extremely unlikely, because in Greece there is the’ Golden Dawn’ ( Χρυσή Αυγή ) already successful Nazi party.

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