Teenager ( 15 ) finally finished, under every single YouTube video Fake ! writing

Teenager ( 15 ) finally finished, under every single YouTube video Fake ! writing

Ludenscheid ( Archive ) – It was a tough job ! Paul Wernecke ( 15) since today at 10:37 CET officially claim to be under each of more than one billion YouTube videos a comment containing’ Fake !’ having written. To achieve this goal, sacrificed the young man who is logged on under the name’ MrCrusher98′ on the video platform, much of his free time. ‘ Since I’m 12, I have every day a few hours spent systematically to click a YouTube video after another and’ Fake !’ writing including’ so Wernecke proud.’ I’ve looked at a single, but I’m assuming that I should be right in most cases.’

working sample of Wernecke Wern Eckes work through which he has unleashed millions of discussions about the authenticity of the respective film material, was complicated by the fact that every day, 65,000 new videos on YouTube.’ I just worked off only the new and dedicated myself to legacy’, explains the 15 -year-old.

Having his ambitious goal finally reached, Wernecke wants from the’ Fake !’ Retire industry by order’ leave younger the field’. So he can concentrate on his new project, which is every single item of a satirical newspaper with’ How long have you doing any more Satiere? Can the contribution only agree:)’ to comment.

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