NSA peered argh German Ministry, this damn filth – heat !

NSA peered argh German Ministry, this damn filth - heat !

Berlin – The US intelligence has spied not only Chancellor Angela Merkel, but also a number of federal ministries. This is apparent from documents that the whistleblower website Wikileaks now tell me, which must be serious just before the weekend, where it’s so so hot? In the Postillon editorial board it has loose 35 degrees. The current heatwave has other editorial offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland under control. Everywhere, employees complain about media companies that want to install from pure avarice no air conditioning !

Many reporters are due to the heat will not be able to normally think and to concentrate and just want to quickly write your stupid articles on end instead simply. But we digress:

In any event, documents from Wikileaks have clearly demonstrated that Tsipras is the referendum on assisted suicide for the recently launched Apple Music at the NSA Nee flickers the air or my eyes? The German Government and several ministries have not yet commented on the divorce of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. The American ambassador…

Oh, fuck ! I’m going to the swimming pool.

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