Official release: Today from 14 clock throughout Germany Hitzefrei !

Official release: Today from 14 clock throughout Germany Hitzefrei !

Berlin, Hamburg, Munich – this is how temperatures can be over 30 degrees but a lot better endure: The Ministry of Labour has just throughout Germany proclaimed Hitzefrei. From 14 clock are therefore all office, set construction and other work immediately. Then it says nothing as to the quarry, the beach, the outdoor pool or in the lounge chair in the home garden.

Nahles:’ Say you also your colleagues about it.’ Andrea Nahles came with this good news this morning before the press:’ Every worker must, without fear of legal consequences, exceptionally by 14 clock to leave his job today and can then the nice weather on your mood to enjoy or shady at a cookies retire. Anything else would be madness’, explained the strong sweaty labor minister and added.’ Phew, what a heat ! That’s almost unbearable.’

excluded from Hitzefrei are only a few professional groups about lifeguards and ice cream vendors who must continue to work for the public good.

policemen and employees of the rescue and emergency services may also be a blind eye to. For crime it was already too hot and who today more moving than necessary, is your own fault if he should be injured.

workers, which the Hitzefrei is not approved because of ignorance of their superiors are encouraged to refer to the need to media reports such as the present. Employers who force their employees towards better knowledge after 14 clock to work, threatening severe penalties.

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