Coke Air: Coca – Cola launches first ingredients free soft drink on the market

Coke Air: Coca - Cola launches first ingredients free soft drink on the market

Atlanta – The beverage company Coca-Cola introduces another version of its soft drinks in the bargain: the new’ Coca-Cola Air’ ( also:’ Coke Air’ ) is not only free of sugar, caffeine or carbonated it contains no solid or liquid substances. In order for the US brand is aimed at the ever-growing group of health-conscious consumers. Also called mixed drink is suitable the new soft drink. Shown here: Cola – Air – wheat’ Coke Air consists of an oxygen – nitrogen mixture and is aerotonisch’, a press spokesman said at the product launch in the company headquarters.’ The composition corresponds to 100 percent of the human breath, and is thus particularly well absorbed by the body.’

In addition to traditional varieties Coca-Cola Light, Coca-Cola Zero, Cherry Coke, Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola zucchini Life wants to offer with Coca-Cola Air a health absolutely harmless drink.

‘ We have first waived any additives that make potentially thick, cause allergies or can attack the stomach’, the spokesman said. Also the trend towards local products you’ll meet:’ After all, we win the ingredients directly on the street in front of the respective filling plant. That is even CO2 – neutral.’

In addition, the company has the needs of the global market in mind. Therefore, the new recipe every religious dietary requirements fulfilled:’ Coca-Cola Air is halal, kosher, vegan and lactose-free and can be sold so that in Kabul as well as in Tel Aviv, or Berlin.’

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