Policewoman hates her colleague because she always wears the same as they

Policewoman hates her colleague because she always wears the same as they

Braunschweig – That can not be the only goal ! What clothes Silke Mertinat always appears at exactly the same outfit for her job also chooses her colleague Jennifer D.. The 29 -year-old is convinced: This is pure provocation. Long tolerate it no longer wants the brazen behavior of their colleague.

‘ When I noticed for the first time that we wear the same thing, I’ve even considered an embarrassing coincidence’, tells Mertinat.’ But then every day was like this. Yesterday for example I wear my police uniform at work. And what does it do? She carries the exact same. And now: the same game. What shoud that? I know hardly’

Hat’ by chance’ again the same to: Jennifer D. ( not available for comment ) At first they did not try to ignore the strange behavior of their colleague. But now do not want to believe in coincidence the Commissioner candidate.’ As soon as it rains, and I put on my police raincoat, wearing the exact same model. Does not have its own style?’

Even the same weapon to Jennifer D. have worried.’ Hallooooo? The is still completely psycho ! I bet that even wears the same underwear as I did.’

Next week Mertinat will therefore go in clown costume on patrol.’ If then also wearing the same thing, I know. She is fucking stupid standing there !’, The brown sweat Gerin triumphantly.

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