Instead Olympia: ARD and ZDF to TV rights for Bundesjugendspiele secure

Instead Olympia: ARD and ZDF to TV rights for Bundesjugendspiele secure

Mainz, Hamburg – ARD and ZDF have the loss of television rights for the Olympic Games compensated quickly. After Euro Sport has secured the broadcasting rights for the Olympic Games from 2018 to 2024, the public broadcasters have quickly drawn to the National Youth play another high-caliber sports event on land. From 2018, the student competitions now be broadcast live. ‘ This is a more than an equivalent to Olympia’, as ZDF Director Thomas Bellut after purchase of TV rights for 1.2 billion euros.’ We want from the Federal Youth Games on TV at last make a major event.’

The certificate hunt is on ! Undoubtedly, the National Youth Games are the sporting mega event of the modern era. Several hundred thousand athletes from all provinces meet as the turning Sprint with obstacles, the zone throwing over a gate, accuracy jumps, time – estimation run, hanging / swinging or swimming in such diverse disciplines. As quota Bringer is especially the arm – leg coordination with music.’ We expect that in fact some’ so Bellut enthusiastic.

According to the will of the public service broadcasters the motto of the National Youth Games on the basis of Olympia is not’ Faster, higher, stronger’ noisy but’ Uncoordinated, involuntary, humiliating’. Official Mascot of the competition is to the Olle Turnbeutel’ Tommy’ are dangling forgotten on a coat hook.

already tinker the organizers of a pompous opening ceremony, to be transferred from the sports complex of Edda Paschulke – main and comprehensive school in Ibbenburen to the whole world. In the venues most modern technology will ensure that viewers at home on the screen does not miss a sporting highlight.

Bundesjugendspielionike in Action ( jump distance: 1.80 meters ) the necessary tension should rise thanks to the professional commentators of ARD and ZDF. That could sound something like this:’ Marie Dohnfelder takes start Good posture The ball flies and lands right behind her. Minus a 74 centimeters. Your best throw so far. And now to the final at Rotate / rolls / roll over the balloon scale of grades 1/2 in Finsterwalde…’

as a possible superstar Games 2018 today four years Justus folding Schmidt is already traded in feet, of the art of Wriggens water dominates shiny.’ Yes, he is a huge talent, confirmed his swimming teacher.’ He is a very strong contender for a certificate of honor.’ In Zielsprung applies meanwhile Ademola Onukeke as top favorite. The five-year Gutersloher with Senegalese roots is Germany’s big hope for the future in this discipline.

‘ But we can not always squint just to the honorary certificate levels’, warns headmistress Hilde Rosenthal, who has many years of experience in planning major sporting events.’ Being there is everything !’ Then she adds thoughtfully:’ whereby most likely skip ere

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