Financial betting on their own national bankruptcy last chance for Greece

Financial betting on their own national bankruptcy last chance for Greece

Athens (archive ) – Is this the rescue? Financial experts believe that speculation on the own bankruptcy for Greece’s last chance to escape from certain bankruptcy. Instead of vainly trying to reduce the fast growing mountain of debt, Greece would be better to use its last financial reserves and the remaining EU aid in order to participate in funds and non-European banks to the speculation against Greek government bonds. ‘ The government in Athens must be an example to those hedge funds and investment banks take the help of credit default swaps ( credit default swaps ) are betting that Greece can no longer service its debt in the form of bonds’ explains economist Hans – Peter sense finger against the Postillon .’ Once all the money still available would be invested in such a way Greece could of course his debts no longer use and would have to declare bankruptcy.’

A bankruptcy would be the best thing that Greece could happen in this case because the premiums paid would so much flush money in the cash-strapped that all debts serviced and all EU aid could be repaid.

If the proceeds contrary to expectations, not quite enough, then Greece could even bet on an Italian or Spanish sovereign default.

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