Study: Superstition brings bad luck

Study: Superstition brings bad luck

Tubingen – Superstition brings bad luck: At this surprising finding came sociologist at the University of Tubingen as part of a major long-term study. As the researchers found, superstitious people have much more bad luck than their’ infidel’ fellows. Some participants in the study died under mysterious circumstances at all.

The scientists analyzed the daily lives of a total of 300 volunteers over a period of five years. It turned out that superstitious people were affected on average up to three times more frequently of accidents of any kind as a people from the control group who did not believe in bad omens, Zodiac, clairvoyance and other supernatural things.

This volunteer had a horseshoe hanging on her door. Fortunately it has not brought her.’ Where does this enigmatic slope comes to a disaster, is not yet at all clear’, explains Prof. Dr. Bjorn Meister, who headed the study.’ But it is statistically significant.’

So it has come under the superstitious participants besides innumerable minor mishaps part to spectacular accidents.’ One subject strangled just three weeks after the study began with a magic medallion against the evil eye even in sleep. Another was attacked while walking in broad daylight of hundreds of ravens. A third fell on the lowest rung of a ladder and broke his neck.’ In addition, two other subjects are currently reported as missing under mysterious circumstances.

For horoscope readers completely normal everyday’ If one did not know better, you would think the universe would superstitious people systematically disadvantage’, as champion.’ You win the lottery more rarely, they have accidents more often in everyday life, they die 34 times more often than non- superstitious people when using rounded Kids Craft scissors. We can therefore superstitious people currently only advise extreme caution.’ It is safest seem however, entirely renounce superstition.

Despite the amazing results to master is certain that there is the phenomenon a rational explanation.’ The answer lies somewhere in the data. We just need to find. But they will be logically and scientifically to 100 percent. Anything else would be superstition’, said the scientist, as he looks around nervously.

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