Referendum: EU appalled by new decision method of Greece

Referendum: EU appalled by new decision method of Greece

Athens – Europe between shock and helplessness ! Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has surprisingly announced that his country would use one in the European Union so far unknown type of decision. In order to determine whether Greece accepted associated with the EU aid austerity, he wants to hold a so-called’ referendum’. When a referendum is such – as the name suggests – of all the people of his own concerns decide a fact which upset Greece European partners profoundly.

The question is, what is Tsipras has be elected if he then still stands by its election promises: Schauble’ Greece has clearly not understood the principle of the EU’, said German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and spoke of a’ completely irresponsible behavior’ of Tsipras government.’ All power emanates from the markets. And those like not such crazy plans.’ In fact, the morning has dropped by four points simply by announcing the referendum, the DAX today.

Also EU politicians see the Greek project with skepticism. Euro group chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem said:’ Where would we be if now suddenly people decide on their own destiny? We are heading straight into a government by the people, when this sample school makes.’

The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker admitted concern:’ Imagine times before, we had asked five years ago the EU citizens, whether they want Greece to pay financial aid so Greece can pass it on to his creditors, or whether there should be a haircut. Then we would today not be where we are now.’

After all, because Greece has invented the plebiscite as a decision means, the highly indebted country has the right to, to give a name to the new and very exotic method: According to rumors they intended’ δημοκρατία’ (‘ democracy’ ) are called. ” p0 >

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