DIY chain theorists sold things for people who like to watch others at work

DIY chain theorists sold things for people who like to watch others at work

Kirkel ( Archive ) – New concept, new luck? An international consortium has the insolvent Praktiker AG bought, all existing in DIY’ theorists’ and renamed the assortment changed radically. The new theorists markets are only goods for such people have on offer, the others enjoy watching at work and example give advice. ‘ We believe that we could get its act together with this radical realignment’, explains company spokesman Armin Distler against the Postillon .’ Our biggest mistake was that we have always tried, the same clientele to use as our competitors Obi, Hornbach, Toom and the rest of them.’

hairstyle Real Bauhelm, sun wheelbarrow, Thermo – rubber boots, safety vest with distressed look: only 287.42 EUR This one, however, approximately 25 percent of all home, building and hobby workers had criminally neglected, standing around or on German construction sites only useless seats business and only pretending to work. Often these are notorious slackers or relatives with an academic background and two left hands that are just trying to kill time and to act as diligently as possible.

The Theorist DIY fill this gap in the market and offer this target group from now a wide range of camping chairs, deck – wheelbarrows, guide books with pseudo – worker jargon (‘ the Konusflansch need NEN 15er’ ) and expediently clothes Distressed: about work glove dummies with velvety lining, factory vorbeschmutzte Blue Men and construction helmets that do not damage the hair.

In addition, the new theorists markets perform well as hearty meal disguised Sushi, tofu meatloaf and alcoholic organic hops beverages in Oettinger bottles with which construction idlers can always take a spontaneous meal break, they should nevertheless once asked to tackle. At least it remains true to practitioners. The new slogan is’20 percent on everything except beer Food’.

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