How to Integration: Little Timmy ( 9 ) mobbed by German and Turkish students

How to Integration: Little Timmy ( 9 ) mobbed by German and Turkish students

Saarbrucken (archive ) – The Class 3c of the Gustav – Kladen Comprehensive School in Saarbrucken is a model of integration and could be a model for the whole of Germany to be. There, German and Turkish-born students bully not mutually exclusive, but all have in common the little Timmy ( 9 ). Origin or gender are not important. Meanwhile, even the Ministry of Education has expressed an interest. ‘ We are moving because all join forces’, confirmed the nine-year Lukas Schmidt also compared to the Postillon .’ It was only yesterday, tied to a chair and placed on the girls’ bathroom, for example, Serkan, Aishe and I together Timmy. Whoever German and who is a Turk, we are not interested, as long as it goes against Timmy’

Best friends thanks to Timmy: Lukas and Serkan’. The Germans have some cool tricks up their sleeves’, finds Tarek ( 9 ).’ They taught me how to at Timmy’ nettle’ makes – or as we call it’ ısırgan otu’. But I have a couple of those nasty kicks shown in the popliteal fossa, where one falls the same.’

integration problems of the students 3c want nothing to do.’ Everybody is friends with each other than with Timmy course’, says Herrmann Walter ( 46 ), the class teacher.’ A common enemy welded together.’

The Ministry of Education now has its consequences. A spokesman announced that they would in future no longer try to better distribute children from different cultural backgrounds in schools. Instead, it is planned to place in each class at least one particularly infamous child like Timmy.

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