Frankfurt police arrests old lady who considers himself to be Queen of England

Frankfurt police arrests old lady who considers himself to be Queen of England

Frankfurt – An apparently confused old woman has been arrested in Frankfurt this afternoon. According to police, claiming Elizabeth W. ( 89 ), which was able to advance to the town hall, stiff and strong that she was the Queen of England. The arrest was carried out for their own protection, after a large crowd on the Romerberg had gathered to gawk at the probably mentally ill woman. At present is still under consideration whether the woman presents a danger to themselves or others, which could have an involuntary commitment to a mental consequence.

‘ Your story sounds more heartbreaking,’ says a spokesman for the Berlin police.’ They claimed to be married to a prince for over fifty years and to live in a castle.’ In addition, they have repeatedly asked where their subjects were and asked repeatedly whether a previously unknown’ Charles’ was behind their arrest, against which they had expressed violent threats in a strangely old-fashioned English several times as a result.

In Germany has Elizabeth W. claims to no fixed abode, since it with’ its wake’ in a’ luxurious private aircraft’ after England had actually want to fly tomorrow. According to police, there is no evidence for this, however.’ She did not even valid papers with him’, says police spokesman. So say the lady of not requiring a British passport, as this would anyway only issued on their behalf as Queen.

‘ excuses like this we get in such cases unfortunately often hear’, the spokesman said.’ Since everyone could come. If that is the Queen of England, I am the emperor of China.’

An alcohol test did indeed give zero per thousand, however, because the influence of drugs can not be excluded, the old lady would have to spend at least one night to sober up in police custody.

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