Bixit: economists calling for exclusion of Bild-Zeitung from euro zone, so the crisis can be resolved in peace

Bixit: economists calling for exclusion of Bild-Zeitung from euro zone, so the crisis can be resolved in peace

Brussels, Berlin – more than 120 top economists from across Europe have today called for the immediate expulsion of the rare unanimity tabloid’ image’ of the Euro Zone (‘ Bixit’ ). The unusual measure to policy makers finally procure the necessary rest to finally see the Greek crisis a reasonable compromise. ‘ In the current deadlock everyone should really keep a cool head,’ explains the German economist Hans – Peter sense finger which caused the appeal entitled’ JUNK THE HETZ image from EURO !’ has drawn on screen. But this is impossible if ever between these crows penetrating screamers from the Springer tower in Berlin with any nonsense claims, self-written speeches Merkel and flat insults.’

Illustres example of the Greece – reporting of’ image’of the same opinion is also the Spanish economy Professor Jose Velàzquez:’ time requested this sheet blatantly a Grexit, sometimes they call outraged when Greece a bankrupt and thus a’ blackmail’ Grexit would actually accept. No wonder if the makers – especially in Germany, of which so much depends – gradually be completely tamed.’

When whereabouts of’ image’ in the euro zone is to be feared that the political climate will continue poisoned and ethnic groups who lived together peacefully for decades, will continue against each incited.

After Bixit that would count as a strong signal to the tabloids in other countries, the’Picture – Zeitung were the only medium in the euro zone, which can only be acquired with D – Mark. Experts expect this case with a dramatic decline in circulation. The salaries of the staff would be paid only in D – Mark.

more’ journalism’ are in the picture Blog Should politics seriously the proposal of the economists consider geriete the’ image’ in a tight spot. Then they would have to Brussels as soon as possible to offer concrete proposals for sustainable reporting to prevent the Bixit. However,

Experts doubt that under the leadership of the former bearer of hope Kai Diekmann succeed genuine reforms: To encrusted are the power structures in which a family holds all the reins, got bogged down the system decades disregard of journalistic principles

The. opinion of the otherwise so opinionated Axel Springer publishing fell comparatively from Durr: We condemn the image – hostile climate that is apparently created here specifically. One can not demand the same being thrown out if something was not going the way you want it to. So one takes serious.

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