Elephant must cancel craft training, because he always loses pencils behind their ears

Elephant must cancel craft training, because he always loses pencils behind their ears

Hamburg – In Thorsten Y. It will not work simply. The young elephant from a Hamburg suburb has its installer training of heating and sanitary facilities prematurely, because he, according to his superiors an essential craft skills lacking: Alone in the first year of the 17 -year-old is said to have lost countless pencils behind their ears. ‘ In the beginning we do not have all laughed when Thorsten constantly brought new pencils and came without back’, to master craftsmen Klaus B. remembers’ Eventually the whole thing went but as the money that we have decided, to separate us from him. No offense, but we need these pencils to draw lines.’ Overall, the operation incurred by the carelessness of the trainees additional material costs of 3400 euros.

Average consumption per hour. Also complained colleagues Y.’ve bummed cigarettes in the last few months almost every day with them, because he allegedly always’ lost on the way out’ his had.

Thorsten Y. himself is disappointed about being out when heating engineer he had claims to already looking forward to eventually be self-reliant and able to run your own operation.

It was not his first attempt to enter the middle class foot: His first training in a Hamburg china shop, which began the native Africans with 15, he also had to cancel after several warnings from his employer, even though he is in his own words’ normally behaved’.

Before his third start will Thorsten Y. Therefore, take time out to’ come down again’. He wants to devote himself fully to his favorite hobby – playing the piano


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