Birds fly south again

Birds fly south again

Munich – It is an unusual for this time of year natural spectacle. Everywhere in Germany can be observed at present that birds migrate in large flocks to the south. Biologists suspect that animals are after a week-long bad weather phase under the impression that it is already autumn. ‘ So a bird he does not even have unfortunately taken a calendar at hand exactly yes a hand’, explains ornithologist Hans Garching from the Institute for Ornithology in Munich, while he along quite colorful foliage in front of his house.’ We had sometime in May and then again in early June a few days and since then it is getting colder and more uncomfortable. This has the birds indicates that the winter is coming and they losmussen urgently.’

Because the animals are partly in the middle of the breeding season, they must show an inventive step. Ornithologists will have observed transported like eggs in its beak or pups were piggybacked. Other birds, where the courtship has just begun, mated to each other even in the air.

For further information, Professor Garching was not available because he wanted desperately to harken to its own statements, the end leaves,’ before the whole shit today freezes at night Walkway’. In addition, he wanted to let his mount winter tires in order to continue tomorrow with his children to the outdoor pool can go ice skating.

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