Selfie approved with vintage filter immediately as identification photo

Selfie approved with vintage filter immediately as identification photo

Berlin – At last, the policy responds to current trends. On Monday, the Bundestag has passed an amendment to the passport law. Thus, authorities will have to accept in addition to the usual passport photos now also self-portraits from Instagram or Facebook, that were digitally processed with a vintage filter. For too long Selfie fans waiting to present itself adequately, not only in the network, but also to real-life documents.’ Every time I see my ugly, unprocessed passport photo, I could puke’, explains the Dortmund Felix Herfordt the previous situation. From the innovation, the 21 -year-old promises much better also in the circle reactions to his ID.

The new light images can be transmitted directly via the social networks to the competent civil authorities by e- mail or a friend request.

Also another novelty could soon follow: When it comes to the lobby of the’ people whose identity was passed around at a party and given Taunt, then pass images may be in the future also, more generally, pimped by an image editing program. Dark circles, scars, wrinkles, pimples or a double chin then belong to the past.

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