First US combat drone awarded Medal of Honor

First US combat drone awarded Medal of Honor

Washington – Military honors at the White House: In a solemn ceremony, US President Barack Obama to Afghanistan veterans ( serial number: 32298 ) was awarded the Medal of Honor. For the first time in the history of the armed forces so that an army officer were placed in the rank of a combat drone with the highest military order of the country.

The battle-hardened member of the US Air Force has demonstrated its exceptional bravery in a total of 75 missions. The drone killed more than 100 classified as enemy combatants target persons, while the number of civilian victims ( 21 ) remained relatively low

Brave, professionally, heroically. MQ – 9 Reaper when using’ Airman First Class MQ – 9 Reaper 32298 has placed in combat with the enemy great mettle,’said President Obama at the glittering ceremony in the US capital.’ His commitment went far beyond the normal duty. He has repeatedly sensors and wings always risked for the sake of the American people.’

The drone of San Diego, the chummy only by their comrades’ will Grim Reaper’ called, was already involved in various missions in Afghanistan. Presented also in Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen to the battle-hardened aviator his boldness and courage repeatedly demonstrated.’ He’s really courageous than all of us,’ said Staff Sergeant Josh Sherman, a good friend and comrade of the awardees, who attended the ceremony.

With its award become MQ – 9 Reaper 32298, showed no emotion during the ceremony, finally a legend among the soldiers serving with him. But may join soon add more veterans. Because for a Medal of Honor were now also the Middle East veterans MQ – 1B Predator ( serial number: XSF345 ) and RQ – 4A Global Hawk ( serial number: 987654321 ) is proposed. Both were distinguished according to Army spokesman also by heroic courage and a better’ Bodycount’ out.

After a total of ten years in various fields of application of the honor medalists will be deducted from the front end of the year. He waved a desk job at the Pentagon. But even for a later entry into politics has MQ – 9 Reaper 32298 as a war hero of many the best conditions to view.

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