Gabriel threatens to drown kitten if SPD supply

Gabriel threatens to drown kitten if SPD supply

Berlin – Before Party Convention of SPD on June 20 Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel increased the pressure on his party. Having already brought into play his resignation if the SPD of the controversial data retention should not agree, now comes the next threat: If the party does not support the new law, he would willy-nilly have to drown a helpless kitten, so Gabriel. ‘ I want to express myself quite clearly’, Gabriel explained to comrades in Berlin.’ Anyone who agrees to the National Convention against the VDS, Simba has on his conscience.’ It is profoundly wrong to say that there are no good reasons for data retention, said Gabriel, as he stroked the frightened kitten.’ I ask you today, dear Genossinen and comrades: If the rescue of this innocent kitten about no good reason? Simba has no right to it, happy romp with his five brothers and sisters?’

Every party member should think about how easy it is to vote’yes’ for the retention and how hard to keep a sweet kitten for several minutes under water until it stops moving.

‘ I have already said several times and I’ll say it like: the data retention can save lives’, Gabriel ended his plea


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