Stefan Raab is leaving television in order to concentrate fully on butcher career can

Stefan Raab is leaving television in order to concentrate fully on butcher career can

Cologne – The double burden was probably in the long run too much for him: As his house ProSieben announced, Stefan Raab adopted at the end completely from television. The 48 -year-old justified this step by saying that he wanted to finally concentrate on his butcher career that he had criminally neglected because of its numerous TV appearances.

‘ My sausage was never as perfect as I would have liked’, Raab said in an interview.’ My real profession is constantly fallen short because of all Fernsehkram.’ So could the trained butcher in recent decades always slaughter only until the early afternoon hours pigs and cattle or producing meat and sausages, because then’ TV Total’ was recorded.

A request for parodist Max Giermann for succession in TV Total is already running.’ The one with the television was actually just as a hobby,’ said Raab.’ I thought, I get the under one roof, but it is me simply become too much. Diving, Stock Car Challenge, vacuum check, Wok World Championship, trampoline – fencing, Schlag den Raab, Basket Ballet Even the weekends were fully.’

Often he had only listless moderated because he in thought for a long time again was at his turkey Gelbwurst. Besides, many of its supposedly innovative competitions were just desperate attempts with nonsensical proposals to provoke a termination at his station.

After his TV from Raab wants to promptly take the master’s examination and also pay more attention to its completely neglected interns Elton so that it finally is at least 17 ​​start to audited butcher’s. He also tuftele already on a new Bierschinken variant ( Project name:’ Woorsht’ )., Of which he indeed wanted to give anything away yet, but’ sensational’ will

His longtime television station ProSieben must now consider how Stefan Raab, the week 30 to 70 hours of broadcast time fills, can be compensated. Among other things, those responsible are considering a reintroduction of the transmission circuit with broadcast a test pattern from 23 clock. Another concept is to rename the channels directly in ProSimpsons and show daily to 50 per cent, the adventures of the popular TV family as well as advertising.

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