Historic opportunity: Donald Trump wants to move the first clown in the White House

Historic opportunity: Donald Trump wants to move the first clown in the White House

New York – he will make history? With its entry into the pre-election campaign of US Republican of New York Immbilientycoon Donald Trump has a chance to be selected as the first clown to US presidents. However, demographers doubt as to whether the American public is ready for a clown in the White House. With his funny clown wig, his bronze – red nose and timeless slapstick interludes brings Trump for years young and old laugh. Maybe that is why was his announcement of wanting to be president of the United States of America, initially seen by many as more brilliant performance of the loveable billionaire.

Enthusiastic: Member of the oppressed in the US Clown minority but it is now clear: Trump ( campaign slogan:’ ! Yes, I’m rich’ ) is serious. He receives support from the US clown community that has long been waiting for one of the Office takes place her in the oval. We can now create what comedians have made already in 2000, with George W. Bush. Then no one will laugh at us, explains Fizbo, chairman of the American Society Clown.? Do you want to smell on my flower

However, expect Trump – he should prevail among the Republicans – a difficult election campaign against Hillary Clinton, the greatest opportunities are given for the Democrats. You will also make history as the first female robot in the White House.

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