Accident in Australia holidays: Student breaks the couch – surfing three vertebrae

Accident in Australia holidays: Student breaks the couch - surfing three vertebrae

Adelaide – He has his stay in Australia not presented: For three days is the Berliner Sascha D. ( 28 ) with severe injuries at a hospital in Adelaide after he broke the couch – surfing three vertebrae. Doctors warn some time before the dangerous sport. The momentous accident occurred against a clock in the morning, as the passionate couch surfer in his sleep lost his balance and fell from his 1.95 -meter bed of type Relax 3XP Millenium Edition’ on the floor. Luckily for him, stormed from surrounding rooms immediately brought other couch surfers and performed first aid until Sascha D. was admitted to a hospital.

Couchsurfing: Harmless hospitality network or lethal death sports? The site CouchSurfing, the millions of couch surfers arranges accommodation, has already announced rule changes in response to the accident. In a press release states:’ In order to protect ourselves legally, any couch – surfers must take immediate helmet and neck protection.’ Whether these measures the back injury of Sascha D. could have prevented, however, is questionable.

Sasha friend Lena has arrived in Adelaide. Relieved, but also angry it makes him an ultimatum:’ He has to decide. Couchsurfing or me.’ Yet such an experience she did not go through in their relationship. Also the next destination has been determined: Balkonien.

where Sasha had already a blessing in disguise. In recent years, it always came back to tragic accidents at couch surfing. 2013 crashed a Russian woman in Barcelona in a pad column and had three days of old chip residues and cent coins feed before she was rescued. And a few weeks ago an Italian couch surfer

disappeared in San Antonio, Texas while trying to fold a sofa bed, without a trace until now any search was in vain.

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