Signs condense: Finds just somewhere a World Cup of Women?

Signs condense: Finds just somewhere a World Cup of Women?

Toronto or Greenland or so – It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but in the meantime there is growing evidence: At an undisclosed location in the northern hemisphere is for more than one week a World Cup of Women held. According to insiders are almost held daily from the public completely ignored international matches with the aim to determine a champion.

Reports of TV viewers who accidentally vorbeigezappt to suspicious-looking football games, this theory seem to support.’ Since two country names stood up, a result and a time’ because I only fear I’ve already half the match Germany – Gibraltar missed, but then it was fortunately but only something else’, according to an eyewitness.’ From the result but would the kept more for basketball.’

Fake or real? Even a rogue logo has appeared on the social networks. Another indication of a tournament: All national players and coach Silvia Neid are swallowed by the earth for days, only react sporadically to the anxious calls to their relatives.

The world football body FIFA wanted to provide any information on the organization of a football tournament in the northern hemisphere by mail on request because’ we are still busy here at least three weeks wholeheartedly with the shredding of completely insignificant acts,’ said a spokesman. However, he could not imagine that in an odd year a World Cup would be held up.

DFB president Wolfgang Niersbach said on the other hand on request:’ If this World Cup in the Arctic, in Denmark or elsewhere actually take place, then I’m sure that this is another important step towards the establishment of women’s football in relation to men. Silvie Meis and their girls, I wish all the best!’

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