Federal Government and Parliament outsourced to India to cut costs

Federal Government and Parliament outsourced to India to cut costs

Berlin, New Delhi (archive ) – Finally is saved ! The new Chancellor Nirmala Karmabai ( CDU ) today confirmed at a press conference in New Delhi rumors that the Federal Government and the Bundestag were fully outsourced to India on Monday.

‘ It is true’, said the Chancellor.’ Against the voices of the opposition, the ruling majority has all the ministers, the Chancellor and all 622 members of parliament and dismissed by employees of the Indian company’ replaces CheapGov’, for which I work.’

The reason for this decision, the vastly inflated diets have been that German politicians on average receive, so government spokesman Manmohan Nehru on request of the Postillon :

Will only the best for their 6000 km distant people: Chancellor Karmabai’ When our German predecessors learned that a back-bencher in India brings in legislation already for 1,000 euros a month, giving speeches and votes, they would have swept almost of the seats.. Even the Minister of Economic Affairs and Vice Chancellor Atal Bihari Ghalib ( SPD ) worked for less than 2,000 euros a month’

Chancellor Karmabai reassured the Germans at the end of the press conference and gave them following along the way:’ Do not worry. For you, the people of Germany, as nothing will change as well.’

Next, the new Federal Government is planning to move into a bigger parliament building in New Delhi, in addition to German Hindi introduce as a second language, to intensify trade with India and eight times politicians diets. On these points the government

have been the leaders of the opposition, Arundhati Narayan ( Alliance’90 / The Greens ) and Rabindranath Devi can agree ( Die Linke ).

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