Rescued! Greece founds Bad Greece, are outsourced in the all debts

Rescued! Greece founds Bad Greece, are outsourced in the all debts

Athens – Greece is saved! By a surprising fiscal policy maneuver, the government in Athens managed to get rid of in one fell swoop all the debt. With the outsourcing of government debt in a newly created’ Bad Greece’ ( Kακή Ελλάδα ) the Mediterranean country is restored in one fell swoop. ‘ We have reminded us, as then have solved their problems from 2007 in crisis banks’ explains the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras his hussars prank.’ They simply bad banks founded and therefore the risks outsourced.’

Throughout the rescue Greece is celebrated on Zakynthos except of course. Following the same concept is loud Tsipras immediately the Ionian island of Zakynthos for their own state’ Bad Greece’ explained and made ​​Greece independent earlier all over € 300 billion Greek debt is transferred to Zakynthos.

‘ For the nearly 40,000 inhabitants of Zakynthos we’re sorry, of course’, leads Finance Giannis Varoufakis further.’ In contrast to the debt-free Greece have now a very bad standing in the international rating agencies, but someone has to sacrifice for the team is now times.’

But Greece is now not quite carefree. In the country’s media fear an onslaught of economic refugees from Bad Greece is already stoked. In addition, many fear the Greeks, that the debt of the’ lazy bankrupt Zakynther’ to be passed at the end of the European taxpayer.

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