Model, the H

Model, the H

Berlin – Because at a casting for the Swedish clothing group H it When they have found the morning check in the mirror yesterday, it finally

that her pelvis is no longer so far stuck out as usual, was the fuse is blown. First they have plastered a complete currant because of overeating.’ After that, I just have not felt bad. I overreacted, tilted the window and threw myself into the depths.’

In her jump the Berliner was lucky: My fall from approximately twelve meters was cushioned by the soft hat of a passing under her window pensioner.’ I do not want to imagine me what would have happened if I had not blown the wind a bit to the right’, she says. However,

So she retreated to only a slight bruise. The 73 -year-old, whose hat it was, noticed the incident only when it responded witnesses in place thereon.

At work of the young woman who is in good health again, there it is now more good news. Your is still got a job for H

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