Document from the 16th century emerged: Bayern as an official Austria

Document from the 16th century emerged: Bayern as an official Austria

Berlin, Munich, Vienna – Many have always suspected, now it’s actually come true: The discovery of a certificate proves that the Free State of Bavaria officially part of Austria since 1574. Legal Historians estimate the document as a legally sound and thus binding under international law. The UN calls on Chancellor Merkel therefore, Bayern relinquish as soon as possible to the neighboring country. at the German Historical Museum in Berlin, where a cleaning lady discovered the explosive document, the excitement about the find of the century’s great. The handwritten patch contract remained so long unnoticed because it is located on the back of a beer mat from the historical 1574.

The certificate that makes all Bavaria to Austrians.’ All forensic tests confirm the authenticity of the document,’ explains the Berlin historian Dr. Ludwig Ullmann.’ The manuscript dates from that time Albrecht V., called’ The Saupreiß’.’ This Duke, the long attended a boarding school in Berlin, was able to make friends during his lifetime only a little with his native Bavaria. The historian puts a magnifying glass over the paper, quoting from the contract. It accuses the Duke that his’ subjects allso tumb and nasty sint, I Dazs dis country itzo werffe of me and Austria schosz put in, the Archduke with such baueren and seuffern be like toil and make arbeyt.’ Bavaria was thus not even sold but given away out of pure anger.

The federal government has announced in a press release, Bavaria handed over in accordance with the requirements of the UN at the latest by the end of Austria. While in Berlin joyfully draw the hour motorcades through the streets, sits the shock especially in the Franconian part of the Free State deep.

‘ Extremely shocked’, also reflects the Executive Board of FC Bayern Munich. The club now has to plan for the Austrian Bundesliga and the Allianz Arena is zuruckbauen to a capacity of 8,000 spectators over the summer. According to club tip is to begin in a few weeks so, wegzukaufen important players from the new main rivals Red Bull Salzburg.

Blowing future over the State where remains to be seen whether the CSU can argue against the FPO: Flag of Austria The Austrian government in Vienna was meanwhile announced that already next year at Oktoberfest Weißwurst only Sacher cakes are served. From 2017 the festival will be then transferred to the Vienna State Opera.

At least Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer probably there are already settled in Austria. As the ARD asks him if some truth is in the rumors that political leaders in Bavaria have long knew of the existence of the contract, Seehofer is loud:’ Des is a joke! From such a Fernsehfuzzi like you I let myself but berate ned’, he drives to the ARD reporter.’ Well, now go scheißn you depperter Piefke !’, Seehofer angry, leaves the room and drives his cab it.

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