Birth cohorts recalled 2014 and 2015

Birth cohorts recalled 2014 and 2015

Berlin (archive ) – impaired motor skills, uncontrolled drooling, constantly blaring: Because of these and many other shortcomings, the Family Ministry has recalled today the birth cohorts 2014 and 2015. ‘ All infants who are born during the year 2014 or this year must be returned by the end of the month in specially equipped collection points’, confirmed Family Minister Manuela Schwesig ( SPD ) to the Postillon .’ In order to keep the inconvenience to a minimum, get parents to compensate either a brand new baby, or a shopping voucher worth 700 euros.’

on the decision, however, also critical voices were heard, according to which the conversion action is superfluous. So it was noted the vintages 2013 and earlier almost the same shortcomings would have had initially. But you could now move almost normal and would no longer drooling so much and cry.

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