13 – year-old Nicolette finds it increasingly bored, hack Bundestag

13 - year-old Nicolette finds it increasingly bored, hack Bundestag

Ventspils – Janis Liepiņš must yawn. The farther he penetrates into the computer network of the German Bundestag, the more it overcomes boredom. The increasingly desperate attempts by the IT department of the Bundestag, to ward off the cyber attacks of unknown origin, now make up just is not a challenge for the 13 -year-olds more. ‘ At first it was exciting to outmanoeuvre the various security measures and the system to infect piece by piece with self-written Trojans’ so Liepiņš, which in his now ongoing for weeks hacker attack benefited that he. Since the 3 class German at school learning.

From Liepiņš far only online visits: he was however overwhelmed by the ever-growing amount of totally boring data that he had saved on his hard drive Reichstagsgebaude meantime.’ The most I do not understand.’ Act on the minimum retention period?’,’ CDU – donor 1990-2002′,’ NSA selectors List’,’ BSI strategy paper against hacker attacks’… What about all this?’

Also the access to the network of the Bundestag no longer promise the same fun as before. After he had cut a total of 34 MPs during parliamentary debates in Candy Crush Saga and Solitaire over the ear, he had had enough of the parliamentary work.

Meanwhile Liepiņš even wants to delete all five terabytes of highly sensitive data simply again to accommodate to create a cracked version of GTA V. But first he wants to briefly stop by the central computer of the Pentagon and finally clean up his room before his mother comes back from work.

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