Out of pity: thief is stolen Windows Phone back

Out of pity: thief is stolen Windows Phone back

Rostock – Only a 23 -year-olds is the handbag stolen then the thief is his prey back because the mobile phone ( operating system: Windows Phone ) him the young woman moved her to pity. Happens this inspiring story yesterday in Rostock. As has been on a shopping tour through the city stealing her purse along with wallet and smartphone, Sophie Wannstedt was initially devastated. But just hours later, the student received an unusual email.’ I have seen that you have a Windows Phone and want to give it back to you’, wrote in the thief himself.’ When I looked into your handbag, it has become clear to me that you did actually much worse than me. That you can put up with such a disaster of operating system at all, it has made me very moved and thoughtful.’

At a subsequent meeting of the 21 -year-old thief finally Wannstedts handbag was back.’ He even offered me to surf on his Galaxy S5 while to look at apps that will never run on my phone,’ says the young woman. It was very emotional.

Finally, the two said goodbye with tears.’ He told me he could understand my pain very well,’ said Wannstedt.’ He knew sometimes someone who only had a Windows Phone.’ But the contact was now broken off after the friend had previously announced for weeks to throw the shit part sometime against the wall.

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