Fake or real? Photo shows supposedly working construction worker on BER Airport

Fake or real? Photo shows supposedly working construction worker on BER Airport

Berlin – Recently, there was again a little quieter around the scandal -ridden Berlin Brandenburg Airport. But now provides a blurred amateur recording in Internet sensation. The photo should show a working construction workers. While discussed in numerous forums over whether it is a fake, it keep experts on possible that the images are authentic. ‘ Sorry, we have no concrete evidence whether recently a construction worker on the BER construction site was operating’ explains an expert on digital image forensics from investigative research network Maunzingdog.’ But the present US IMAGE According file comes the photo from last week. We believe it is authentic.’

deserted. So you know the BER airport actually. Although the recording was last modified using Photoshop CS4, but behind it could also be a normal process stuck around the storage in a different format or a simple contrast correction.

On the Internet, however, many are convinced that it is the a of airport operating company is put into circulation counterfeit.’ Clearly Fake !’, Writes about users PhotoshopExpert34 in an image editing Forum.’ The signature BER right of the picture contains two tiny pixel error just below the bar. The sign at the site also makes little sense. It was added later.’

Others are convinced that the work clothes of a construction worker in this country is extremely uncommon. User Bogdan:’ That you’d rather take in Romania.’ Another countered:’ As if it were unrealistic when a Romanian working on ner German site.’

A request of the Postillon at the BER operating company also does not help. Thus could the Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH’ indefinitely give any precise information on whether a worker is currently working on the completion of the airport’. Currently are involved in the clarification of all available forces, why the construction work being delayed ever further and what the new costs thereby.

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