Pensioners can not afford villa because he spent fortune for country house magazines

Pensioners can not afford villa because he spent fortune for country house magazines

Berlin – This is bitter ! A retiree from Berlin had his long-cherished dream of a romantic country as registered retirement home: he can not afford their own house because he has spent his entire fortune for country house magazines.

Daily consumption of Herbert Polzig’ All my life I have dreamed of living in the country’, says Herbert Polzig. The 65 -year-old has lived since his childhood in Berlin and wanted to spend his well-earned retirement in a classic country house, in clean nature away from the big city. Over the past twenty years he had therefore consumed every country house magazine, each Country Life magazine and all Cottage and Garden books that were on the market.’ It was supposed to finally be the country house of my dreams’, so Polzig.

At the end of the family’s father had subscribed to 60 different magazines on the subject, plus countless special editions, special editions and anthologies. More than 120,000 euros were Polzig in the past 20 years in favor. When he finally did come true two months ago his dream, the shock came.’ My savings is depleted, exhausted all Dispos that personal bankruptcy threatens’ complains the retiree.

StattLand luxury the 65s now the harsh reality has caught up.’ Even with the diet I have now saving hard, live from instant soups and canned vegetables’, so Polzig even though rustic meat dishes are his second great passion:’ Perhaps I should not have to spend even € 30,000 for grilling and Beef – Magazine.’

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