ARD investigated person Gunther Jauch is to appoint a new talk show Gunther Jauch

ARD investigated person Gunther Jauch is to appoint a new talk show Gunther Jauch

Berlin – What happens with the talk show’ Gunther Jauch’? Since moderator Gunther Jauch has announced his retirement for the end of 2015, looking for the program directors of the ARD now desperately looking for a successor, who is also called Gunther Jauch.’ Journalistic skills’, it is said in the notice, be it explicitly’ not required’. What is the starting salary for 60 minutes of work per week, remains unclear. At the space provided in the job posting is only the word’ princely’. If equally qualified female applicants are preferred

Will future only millionaire. Gunther Jauch’ In retrospect, it was natural unwise to have named the whole show to the moderator,’ said a spokesman for the ARD.’ Despite Gunther Jauch’s resignation we want, do not adjust the mission that is now recognized as a high profile, but continue.’ Therefore shall now done everything possible to find a candidate who meets the main requirement for a follow-up with the correct name.

Use of telephone directories and social media could be named’ Gunther Jauch’ locate to ARD information already at least two men. An internal Audition will now determine who is allowed to carry on the show from 2016: Either the twelve years of Gunther Jauch from the special school Quakenbruck, or 87 -year-old Gunter Jauch from a Seniorenstift near Munich.

For the ARD, the two candidates are a godsend to the difficult search: both bring with enough talent to talk callers into the word and read questions from a card.

Chances are good that’ Gunther Jauch’ can continue. Of course, this is not. The popular 90 – year – Sports Talk’ Rudi Voller’ about that time had to be discontinued for lack of alternatives

In the last mission of the previous moderator from’ Gunther Jauch’ is the successor officially under the title’ The new Gunther Jauch. – how long does it with Germany still?’ are presented.

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