Bayern obliged charismatic star coach from Barcelona to finally get the Triple

Bayern obliged charismatic star coach from Barcelona to finally get the Triple

Munich – Bring this young coach superstar some fresh air in the Bundesliga? The FC Bayern Munchen has Luis Enrique ( 45 ) from FC Barcelona committed for the upcoming season. With the proven’ best coach in the world’, who has just won the Spanish triple, the giants will celebrate similar successes in the next season. The current coach Pep Guardiola ( 44 ) to be offered in the youth department, despite persistent failure after all, still a contract.’ There is no shame if you have to admit that with the outstanding coach of the Super – clubs Barça simply can not keep up,’ said Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on a hastily arranged news conference.’ Luis Enrique is the superstar among the coaches ! With his Bayern a whole new era heralds’

Can the successful coach of Spain not keep up. Pep Guardiola on Saturday had the FC Barcelona won the Champions of the former Spanish international in Berlin League and thus the Triple for Catalans made ​​perfect. This morning, then circulated in Spanish sports forums already first transfer rumors that have been confirmed against 14 clock officially.

‘ Give him a little time,’ Rummenigge added warningly.’ One can not expect any miracles from it overnight.’

The euphoria Sabener road but seem limitless, after being excreted for two consecutive years with a mediocre Allerweltstrainer in the Champions League early in the semifinals.’ If someone brings the triple with Barca and can play so fantastic football, then there can be no better’, so sports director Matthias Sammer after the announcement of coach – coups.

For the young Pep Guardiola is doing it while suffering. But first, he must continue as head coach of C1 – youth at Bayern. And second, he understood immediately, as Sammer,’ that we just could us this opportunity not to be missed.’

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