Woman admitted to overdose fruits and vegetables in hospital

Woman admitted to overdose fruits and vegetables in hospital

Kaiserslautern (archive ) – On Tuesday, a 37 – year-old woman with suspected overdose fruits and vegetables in the Lutrina clinic admitted in Kaiserslautern. Apparently, they had exceeded the recommended daily amount of doctors of five servings of fruits or vegetables to a serving. The woman was found unconscious in her home next to a nearly empty -eaten plate of apple. ‘ It was terrible’, the 14 – year-old daughter describes the moment when she discovered her mother.’ When I got home about 18 clock, Mama lay motionless before the current TV. From her mouth ran saliva and the pupils were twisted backwards. Because I immediately called an ambulance.’

The dose makes the poison, the woman who was no longer reacts, was taken to hospital where her stomach was immediately evacuated. Then she got an infusion of concentrated chips with cola.

‘ Such cases we unfortunately repeatedly’, explained Dr. Frank Westermann, the attending physician, the Postillon .’ In the right amount of fruits and vegetables are quite healthy. However, nutritionists strongly recommend that one should take five servings of fruits or vegetables a day to itself. With the sixth fatal dose of the lady brought in serious danger.’

It is not uncommon that health recommendations are disregarded. So people often suffer a dizzy spell, because they have not been drinking the recommended nightly glass of red wine. Dentists turn must continually renew a completely destroyed teeth because overzealous patients more often than three times a day cleaned teeth or Aronal and Elmex have messed up.

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