G7 summit: Experts fear that government could escape despite fence

G7 summit: Experts fear that government could escape despite fence

Elmau – The G7 Summit in Bavarian Schloss Elmau is imminent. But the meeting of the Group of Seven is really secure? Experts fear that the participating leaders from Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada and the United States could escape despite the extensive road closures around the castle grounds.

Policemen practice with Merkel doppelganger for the real thing, if the Chancellor should ausbuchsen. ( Large image )’ Generally it must be said: With an estimated EUR 360 million cost of the summit in Elmau is well protected,’ says about the British security expert Elliot Thornton.’ For Angela Merkel likes rich, but just in sporting leaders like Barack Obama or Donald Tusk, it is questionable whether a fence three meters high and the obligatory bodyguard sufficient to effectively prevent escape attempts.’

Thornton remembers the G8 Summit of 2009, when the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper a spectacular escape succeeded. Only hours later, the politicians could be captured by a search party again, as he was trying to jump on a moving freight train. unload

was because he is considered a security risk: Putin’ Even today, a fence in this type can easily be subverted with a suitable device such as the gereichten on Elmau silverware’, warns the expert.’ I therefore recommend a minimum Fifteen meters wide moat or at least an electrification of the existing fence.’

Of course, there is next to the fence even more security measures such as the 17th 000 officers and dog teams that are in use around the summit and review every passerby to see if it is a volatile prime minister. But even that could be misled, as Fran├žois Mitterand in 1989 impressively demonstrated at the 15th G7 summit in Paris.

The French president then fled using a glued-on mustache and was never seen again. Subsequently, a doppelganger had to be laboriously trained in the affairs of France.

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