Kai Diekmann still unsure what to do with years geschurtem hatred of Greeks

Kai Diekmann still unsure what to do with years geschurtem hatred of Greeks

Berlin -‘? Why do we pay the Greeks their luxury pensions’,’ ! Sold your islands, you bankrupt Greeks’,’ Chancellor, stop the rip- Greeks !’ Picture headlines like these seem to have system. But’Picture’ chief editor Kai Diekmann’s own words, not yet completely in the dark, how to use the many years stirred up from his newspaper hatred of the Greeks useful. ‘ Sometime around to 2010, we realized that it’s totally easy to enter for a nation that is already on the ground,’ said Diekmann.’ And our readers, keeping the yes in principle not much of foreigners, it has fallen.’ Therefore we have set up the’ bankrupt Greeks’ next to Muslims, Hartz IV recipients, immigrants, Russians and left the sixth bogeyman of’ Picture – reader. Why, he

white still not as accurate. Why? Because’ image’ may. Let everything come to an easy, so Diekmann. Logic or economic relationships were practically irrelevant. So his hand now is in the comfortable situation to demand the same time, one should let go bankrupt Greece (‘ Out with you and your Grixi – Graxi !’ ), While the expressed readiness of the Greek Government, if necessary bankrupt go, at any time condemned as icy extortion are can (‘ Tsipras blackmailing the EU freezing!’ ).

But what all the hate should ultimately be good, do not know Diekmann himself.’ Clearly, increasing circulation. But otherwise? For a war against Greece simply reichts not yet.’ Perhaps you could suggest it even more capital, so Diekmann by a national Greece flag offering for burning in the’Picture’ shop. Or you could wait until the first Greek is chased by an angry mob through the streets and then a much celebrated show of solidarity with Greece publish (‘ No generalizations about Greeks !’ ).

The image – chief shrugs:’ So what? At some point will have to show even more what it was all good.’

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