Sepp Blatter resigns to his bribery last more time

Sepp Blatter resigns to his bribery last more time

Zurich – One of the greats of the sport from occurs: FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced his resignation on Tuesday night. He wanted to retire into private life and finally spend more time with his beloved bribes, so the 79 -year-old. ‘ I am now 40 years in FIFA and I have my job always fully dedicated’ said Blatter before assembled journalists.’ But unfortunately I had to realize over the years that I spent too little time with my money suitcases, Black accounts and bundles of notes. The Pecuniary was unfortunately much too short.’

Rare Photo of leaves on a trip with his loved ones. His retirement he therefore wanted to spend in the company of his accumulated wealth to questionable ways.’ Who knows if I’m in five years still able to throw my Five hundred euro notes in the air to do with my diamond a bike ride or to visit my numerous real estate.’ Then he wanted to put his future focus.

Anyway him fall farewell easy, because he no longer cope find themselves right in today bribery culture, so Blatter.’ Previously you got bribes still in a discrete brown envelope bulging with dollar bills, delivered postponed. Nowadays, everything is electronically. Only a few days ago someone tried to bribe me with Bitcoins. I’ve taken, but that has nothing to do with football !’

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