Italian mafia boss amazed that you just can withdraw so

Italian mafia boss amazed that you just can withdraw so

Reggio Calabria – For more than 40 years is Luigi Tegano ( 73 ) photos at the Tegano clan a job that already makes him no more fun. But exiting seemed to’ Ndrangheta mafia unimaginable until yesterday on the news the resignation of FIFA president Sepp Blatter saw. ‘ That can be described as the head of a criminal organization to plunk down just like that, without being brought around the corner now, was like an epiphany for me,’ said Tegano.’ I’ll do that too.’

Even when the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. in 2013 first doubts about his worldview had stalked him. But he certainly was not.’ Finally, see and hear Benedict also nothing’, he explains.’ I suspect that he is with concrete shoes in the Tiber.’

Sepp Blatter, however seems to be doing well and unharmed remains. For safety’s sake Tegano want but wait for claims to two weeks whether Blatter is shot before he even officially submitted his resignation.

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