HSV in luck: DFB performs Relegation award at a Bundesliga Jerseys

HSV in luck: DFB performs Relegation award at a Bundesliga Jerseys

Frankfurt, Hamburg – After re League whereabouts of HSV the DFB has announced the introduction of a jersey for a recognition gained relegation battle. Based on the assigned master star already rose from next season Pigs should adorn the shirts of the Relegation winner from the first Bundesliga. The pig symbolizes loud DFB’ for the shameless pig that one must have in order to save himself at the last possible moment before the descent’. Since the space above the club logo is already provided for champion star, the new Relegation pig to be seen beneath the logo in the future.

A first draft with clover leaves was rejected after protests of SpVgg Greuther Furth. HSV – CEO Dietmar Beiersdorfer appeared on the measure of the DFB pleased:’ The introduction is finally created an achievable award for HSV.’

In general, it was time time that the Relegation will towards more respect, so Beiersdorfer. After all, it is much more difficult two consecutive relegation winner to be the example to pick up two championship titles.’ Not only must you make per season two games more, but also his powers so divided that one on the final day precisely at No. 16 lands’, says the head of freshly baked Relegation championship record.

The charge from Nurnberg, Monchengladbach and Hoffenheim welcomed the far-sighted step of DFB.

Only Bayern expressed unusually harsh criticism, since the simultaneous attainment of master and stars Relegation pig was not possible. Reportedly, however, the contracts of Mitchell Weiser and Dante were extended long already.

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