Delay record: Since 2007, missing train is surprisingly one in Mainz Train Station

Delay record: Since 2007, missing train is surprisingly one in Mainz Train Station

Mainz (archive ) – A mysterious delay case currently employs the train staff in Mainz Train Station. After a completely overloaded Dispatchers had pressed on Wednesday in the signal box by mistake several wrong buttons, surprisingly drove an unidentified ICE a via a sidetrack in the Hauptbahnhof. As was known, it involves the ICE 1542 in Dresden, which is in March 2007 officially late. On board were, according to the Deutsche Bahn 34 living people. They claimed to have fed in the last few months of her fellow passengers and crackers from the BordBistro

Took then immediately the whole holiday the last six years. Lokfuhrer Among the persons who were still responsive, there was also the train driver which reported first was to have been not so late:’ Just the usual two or three an hour.’ After the train had to overtake after a signal interference from another ICE, he was confident of achieving the target on the same day.’ But then the air conditioning failed and we drove in a flock of sheep. We drove on and on. There was route diversions. Soft problems.’

Finally, he had somewhere lost direction in Erfurt. Furthermore, where the train was in the last few years, there is currently due to different specifications still unclear.

The completely traumatized by the incident, personnel of the Mainz interlocking has taken sick leave now until further notice.

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