Wow ! This man loves his upper arm so much that he made ​​him tattooed on his upper arm

Wow ! This man loves his upper arm so much that he made ​​him tattooed on his upper arm

Monchengladbach – It must be love: Where other people perpetuate the names of their children or their partner, carries Holger Bilgenrodt from Monchengladbach last week a picture of his favorite body part on display: The 27 – year-old has tattooed his beloved right arm unceremoniously on his right upper arm leave. ‘ My right arm is very beautiful and now can finally see everyone’, Bilgenrodt reasons for its decision for the tattoo. A family pack Muscle shirts he had already ordered.’ In addition, he always remains a part of me, even if I should lose him one day.’

as a model for the unusual display of affection was a photo of his right upper arm, which he had make in a professional photo studio. It had to be perfect everything. Finally, this arm was his absolute favorite among body parts explains Bilgenrodt.

relegated to 2nd place is the left calf that, should the feelings are also stronger there may one day be tattooed on the left calf. But as long as Bilgenrodt with its Oberamtattoo even if his favorite arm incredibly sorry for him more than satisfied with the jump..

A short-term appointment at the tattoo studio is still pending on: In order to complete the work of art and to make it look realistic, must be hineintatowiert an even smaller upper arm tattoo in the upper arm tattoo


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