Teenager molested for years by himself

Teenager molested for years by himself

Bremen ( Archive ) – For far too long suffered the now 18 year old high school student quietly under his secret, but now he has broken his silence. Max W. * was molested over several years by a person and abused, which he always confided until then. We’re talking about himself. With the Postillon Max W. spoke about the attacks, which he not only had to suffer, but also responsibility. ‘ For the first time I have passed on myself when I was 13 years old’, Max remembers.’ I was alone at home and was just thinking of a classmate, I realized that I was from was angegrabscht me. I was too shocked and disappointed in me to defend myself and therefore just let it wash over me’

Harassed his victim ( above ) for years. Later, the perpetrators of abuses heaped on Max Max. Whenever he happened to be alone with him, he fell upon itself.’ I was so ashamed that I did not dare to talk to others about it,’ said the 18 -year-old.’ Also, I took a liking to the perverse games of my pig. I went by myself to me in my bed, while surfing the Internet, in the shower -. Sometimes several times a day’

Only when Max at the age of 16 had his first girlfriend, the number of attacks was slow. Apparently lost his tormentors interest.

‘ I’m not going to show, however, ” Max concludes thoughtfully.’ But I feel just too much for me. In addition, my family could not live with this shame.’

Max is not an isolated case. Sexual harassment of itself is loud sexologists spread further than you think. Allegedly, 60 to 80 percent of women and about 94 percent of all men are abused by themselves. Even if they succeed, to temporarily break away from themselves, many come repeatedly in the dirty fingers of her torturer or her tormentor.

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