FIFA promises each Earth resident who forgets allegations of corruption, 50 Euro

FIFA promises each Earth resident who forgets allegations of corruption, 50 Euro

Zurich (archive ) – Could the battered image of FIFA soon be history? Sepp Blatter personally announced today at a press conference, the International Football Federation will each person who is willing to corruption allegations against FIFA from all forget send discreet 50 euros. The Fix The Game Initiative’. Bribe the World’ to be launched later this month worldwide. ‘ Those pesky accusations of corruption hinder our work for far too long,’ explained the FIFA President the unique step.’ What would we do everything that these defamatory allegations are finally out of the world. 50 Euro per person, to be exact’

Every person in this world now have the opportunity to decide for themselves whether to accept the 50 Euro or FIFA wants to continue to resent corrupt behavior. However, no one can promise the latter that they not surprisingly be done at the next kick hobby with friends’ a little bad luck,’ said Blatter.

Experts consider the decision of the FIFA despite the high price of a maximum of 350 billion euros for economy. After all, can import the amount in a short time with even ungenierterer corruption again the International Football Federation.

If you want the promised’ discretion premium’ avail, just have a postcard with your name, address and the keyword’ Fix the Game. Send Bribe the World’ at the International Football Federation ( Federation Internationale de Football Association. FIFA -Strasse 20, PO Box 8044 Zurich ). The 50 euro are then slipped discreetly into the next few days by a FIFA official.

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